Spay & Minor Operations Kit Pack of 5 with Free Retrieval Service

vyset procedure packs promote standardised insertion procedures, ensuring maximum barrier precautions and reduced risk of infection, ideally suited for many therapy areas including:Read More


The range

  • Theatre & orthopaedic packs

  • CVC packs

  • Cannulation packs

  • Biopsy packs

  • Regional anaesthesia packs

  • Soft tissue packs

  • Arterial packs


Why choose vyset procedure packs?

From concept to implementation we will work with you to develop a high quality pack to meet your individual needs, giving you peace of mind throughout:

  • Manufacturing

  • Sterilisation

  • Warehousing & distribution

  • Implementation & training

  • Stock management.



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CodeDescriptionItems per BoxBox price 
1VT79903001 Spay and Minor Operations Tray 20 £305.20 +
VWJ1VT79903001 Minor Ops Kit Pack of 5 With Free Retrieval Service 1 £59.45 +


4 x Curved Mosquito Forceps
1 x Thumb Tissue Forceps
1 x Mayo Hegar Needle Holder
1 x No 10 Scalpel
1 x Curved Dissecting Scissors
1 x Hand Towel
1 x Trolley Drape
1 x Fenestrated Adhesive Drape
1 x Transparent Tray
5 x Radiopaque Swabs

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