INDERMIL® flexifuze™ Tissue Adhesive

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The ready-to-use, octyl blend cyanoacrylate product can be used for the closure of minor/low tension skin wounds, including surgical and laproscopic incisions, trauma induced lacerations and where appropriate can be combined with deep dermal stitches. This rapid-setting adhesive seals the skin in just 30 seconds* and will stay in place for five – eight days, whilst protecting the patient from microbial penetration and the risk of infection. 

Veterinary situations in which tissue adhesives have been used include:

  •  Closure for small wounds, including after neutering 
  •  Microchipping wound closure in birds and reptiles
  •  Veterinary dental and oral surgery
  •  Wound reinforcement in addition to sutures, for larger wounds where tension may be present
  •  Treatment of corneal lesions including ulcers
  •  Anchoring feeding tubes, drains and cannulae to skin.
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