Save Time and Money with All-in-One KatKath and Spay Tray/Minor Op Packs

  • August 27th, 2014

Delegates at this year’s BSAVA Scottish Congress can save up to 50%* by buying all-in-one KatKath packs for urinary catheter procedures on cats.

At the three day congress at Edinburgh Conference Centre, in Heriot-Watt University, Vygon will be offering its market-leading KatKath catheter as part of a complete pack – providing vets and nursing staff with everything they need for the procedure in one sterile kit.

As well as the catheter, the pack includes a drape towel, polypropylene suture, lubricating gel, a Luer-slip syringe and clear tray.

Vygon Vet General Manager Chris Kenyon, said: “Not only does our KatKath pack ensure everything that’s needed is in one place and sterile, it can also save vets up to 50% compared with prices if they buy similar products separately. It’s a win-win situation.” The complete set is offered at £10.99.

The company will also be showing off its new, disposable Spay Tray and Minor Ops set which again provides all the essential instruments and equipment needed for minor surgical procedures.

The disposable Spay Tray includes sterilised, quality materials and instruments, and also helps a practice to standardise its procedures to improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Chris said: “Our Spay Tray and Minor Ops sets are produced to the highest standards using top quality materials. Having the required items in one pack eradicates the need to go through the expensive process of washing, re-packing and re-sterilisation, and from an admin point of view invoicing is easy with one single code covering all the different pack parts."

Vygon is offering its Spay Tray and Minor Ops Set for an introductory £12.50 – for a limited period. Meet Chris on stand 6 to see the KatKath and Spay Tray for yourself, or email for more details today.

*Compared with buying all pack items separately.