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Lanark Vet Wins 'Hero Title' for Purr-Fect Treatment of Gizmo the Cat

June 16, 2015

A Lanark vet has been crowned a national hero in a Facebook competition run by veterinary supplies company Vygon Vet and supported by the Royal Veterinary College London.

Mirjam Coert, a vet at the Clyde Vet Group in Scotland, has won the recent ‘My Pet’s Hero’ contest for going above and beyond the call of duty, to help a pain-stricken and extremely nervous Gizmo the cat.

The Dutch vet, originally from Utrecht in Holland, has won herself a Continuing Professional Development course with the University of London’s Royal Veterinary College, as well as £500 worth of Vygon Vet products for the practice where she has worked since 1997.

“I had no idea I’d been nominated and to be chosen as the winner came as a complete surprise. One of our vet nurses sent me a text about it. I was of course very pleased and the practice is delighted to be stocking up on some free Vygon Vet supplies.”

Mirjam Coert, Vet

The competition was run by Vygon Vet, a UK veterinary supplies business, to recognise some of the industry’s unsung heroes – as nominated by their furry clients and families.

Mirjam was nominated for the award by Gizmo’s owners Jami and Bronwen Gilmore from Carmichael near Lanark, for her outstanding treatment and care for their beloved ten-year-old moggie.

“We initially thought Gizmo had been hit by a car, her back end seemed so damaged. We rang the vet very late one Saturday night and Mirjam met us at the surgery at 1 am. We were also concerned about how the vet would be able treat her, as Gizmo has always been a very nervous cat, even with us and despite her painful back was trying to jump off the surgery table.”

Jami Gilmore

As well as qualifying as a vet in 1991 in Holland, Mirjam, trained in acupuncture seven years ago and regularly treats dogs and cats at the Clyde Vet Group, which has practices in Lanark, Wishaw, Auchenheath and Carluke. She is currently completing a Canine Rehabilitation Course.

Gizmo wasn’t putting any weight on her back legs and was very upset and in a lot of pain. She was also very frightened. We made her feel more secure and gave her comfort by covering her with a towel so we could begin treatment. This included putting her on a drip, on a morphine pain-killer and sedating her for x-rays. We kept her in for a few days and once home she had to remain caged for several weeks.

I started using acupuncture on Gizmo early on as I find this works very well with veterinary medicine. It is a valuable add on to conventional treatment, the two together are a good combination.

Mirjam Coert, Vet

Jami re-homed Gizmo as a kitten at six-weeks-old from the RSPCA. The kitten was nearly feral when rescued and had been subjected to stone-throwing from children, which had left her very nervous of people and extremely flighty.

Not only did Mirjam successfully treat Gizmo’s painful spine condition – which included a six week course of acupuncture – but she has also transformed the nervous, frightened feline into a much calmer, less-stressed cat.

Gizmo is now so much calmer with us at home and when she goes to the vets. She even lets Mirjam treat her with acupuncture now. Not only is Gizmo a more relaxed and happy cat but she is also walking and jumping around outside.

We are so grateful to Mirjam. She went that extra mile for us and we are delighted she has won the ‘My Pet’s Hero’ title, which as far as Gizmo is concerned she thoroughly deserves. We wanted some industry recognition for her fantastic work and the competition was perfect-timing.

Jami Gilmore

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