Green-fingered Staff Support the Environment

  • June 5th, 2014

Staff from Swindon-based Vygon (UK) Ltd are turning their hands to all things green in support of World Environment Day.

To mark the occasion the company held its own Environmental Week and each day staff have been taking part in a series of green-themed activities organised by Vygon’s Sustainability Champions Group.

The 80-strong workforce was urged to either walk, cycle or car share on their journey into work and daily competitions were staged. Staff were invited to grow the best flower, take the best ‘sustainability’ photograph, enter an environmental quiz and support a ‘no printing emails’ Thursday. The Commercial Department even ran a cress-growing contest using personalised eggshells.

 Kim Timmins, a member of the Sustainability Champions Group, who helped organise and promote the Week, said: “We held a mix of activities from the light-hearted ‘cress heads’ to the more serious walking or cycling to work and no printing of emails day.

“We wanted to support the national initiative but went one further and designated the whole five days as Environmental Week.

“Staff have been supporting the various events as well as voting for the best photo, taking part in the quiz and making the effort to leave the car at home and walk or cycle, or at least car share. It’s certainly brought sustainability to the forefront of everyone’s minds and made people think about how sustainability can be incorporated into their everyday working lives.”