Extensive feeding tube range

  • March 22nd, 2017

Vygon Vet offers nasogastric, naso-oesophageal and gastrostomy feeding tubes in a wide range of materials and sizes to help you offer the best possible care.

• Nutrisafe2® is a unique, non-Luer system that is incompatible with other devices. It provides safe and secure nasogastric and naso-oesophageal delivery of vital nutrition

• MIC* and MIC-KEY* gastrostomy devices offer a secure delivery route for mid to long-term nutritional needs.


Find out more about how Vygon Vet can help you support the nutritional needs of your patients and contact us today on:

Tel: 01793 748830 or Email: marketing@vygon.co.uk quoting AD239 for more information.