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MIC-KEY Gastro-Jejunal Feeding Tube

£424.92 ex.VAT

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MIC* & MIC-KEY* Gastro-Jejunal feeding tubes are designed for the delivery of enteral nutrition to the small bowel via a primary or pre-existing gastrostomy stoma, allowing simultaneous gastric decompression
Reduced blockages and improved flow - A larger lumen than standard available PEG-J tubes and multiple large oppositional exit ports.
Ensures the continuation of tube feeds - The tube stays in position thanks to the tungsten weighting with high columnar strength.
Ease of placement - Large inner jejunal diameter and distal opening facilitates Seldinger placement (up to 0.038inch guidewire) tapered distal tip and transition from balloon to tubing without funnel shape allows an easy insertion.
Convenient position confirmation - Radiopaque line and positioning depth markers
Ease of use for patient - Gastric and Jejunal port have both the same SECUR-LOK connection as the standard MIC-KEY Extension sets.
Introducer cannula - Used to protect the anti-reflux valve when using guidewire placement.

Approved for more then 30 days use! and suitable for adults and children!

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