MIC-KEY G Feeding Kits

MIC-KEY* G-Tubes are designed for the delivery of enteral nutrition, medication and fluids to the stomach via a primary or pre-existing gastrostomy stoma for children and adults.

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CodeDescriptionItems per BoxBox price 
MIC120.14.3.0 MIC-KEY G Feeding Kit 14Fg 3cm Stoma Length 1 £213.06 +
MIC120.18.1.2 MIC-KEY G Feeding Kit 18Fg 1.2cm Stoma Length 1 £174.58 +
VKC8140-1223 MIC-KEY G Kit ENFit 12Fr 2.3cm 1 £178.84 +
VKC8140-1430 14Fr MIC-KEY G Tube with a 3.0cm stoma and a 5-10ml balloon 1 £178.84 +
VKC8140-1810 MIC-KEY G Kit ENFit 18Fr 1.0cm 1 £178.84 +
VKC8140-1812 MIC-KEY G Kit ENFit 18Fr 1.2cm 1 £178.84 +
VKC8140-1815 MIC-KEY G Kit ENFit 18Fr 1.5cm 1 £178.84 +
VKC8140-2012 MIC-KEY G Kit ENFit 20Fr 1.2cm 1 £163.10 +

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