Qimono Qimo Male

Qimo male is a disinfectable closed needle-free safety connector.Read More

Qimo Male is a multi-purpose, closed, needle-free, I.V. connection device which has been designed for the preparation and safe administration of hazardous drugs. Qimo Male has a very easily disinfectable membrane (disinfection must be carried out before and after use) which automatically closes when Qimo Female is disconnected.

Qimo Male is a safety adaptor, the proximal end of which must be connected onto the male Luer-lock end of a syringe, an extension tube or an infusion set.
At the distal end, the Luer bayonet end can only be connected to devices which feature a Qimo Female end.
Note: after the connection of Qimo Male onto a Luer-lock male hub, Qimo Male rotates and cannot be disconnected anymore.

Qimo Male can only be connected to the female Luer bayonet end of Qimo Female, by placing the lugs of Qimo Male into the notches of the bayonet ring of Qimo Female.
During the connection, the internal metallic tube of Qimo Female opens both the membranes of Qimo Female and of Qimo Male and the two conduits fit in together.
It is then possible to inject, infuse or withdraw samples of drugs.
During the disconnection, the membranes automatically close, which ensures the sealing of both devices.

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