A Wonderful Carrot-crunching Weekend

Well, what a great time I had at Vygon Vet! There were carrots, toys, lots of nice people patting and fussing me – and lots of grounds to run and sniff around in.


My lovely star rosette told everyone I was the 2014 Vygon Vet Star Pet and there was a certificate with my name on too. My mum kept telling me to sit still, which was a bit boring when there were carrots to chomp and people to meet, but I did as I was told and the photographers took lots of flashy pictures of me.

 Apparently I’m going to be the face of Vygon Vet 2014 – a bit like Churchill is for that insurance company. My furry face will be used on exhibition stands, leaflets and websites, but more importantly I get a year’s worth of free food from Vygon Vet! Mum says they’re also giving me some free insurance, which she’s pleased about as she worries I may choke on a carrot.

 My less fortunate friends at the Cornwall and Devon Boxer Rescue Charity are also getting a donation of £100, thanks to Improve International who run training centres for vets. Mum chose the charity, and I hope it helps all my four-legged friends who don’t have a warm, safe and loving home like mine.                        

My mum and dad, Emma and Phil Jones, were amazed I was picked from scores of other entries in this national competition, but I don’t understand why they were so surprised. After all, I am a cute Cornish Cocker Spaniel from Helston who loves eating carrots, chasing sea gulls and swimming in the sea – what is there not to love?!