76% of our  products are manufactured within the Vygon Group. Our accreditations to ISO14001 and ISO9001 help us manage and reduce our impact on the environment. 

A number of procedures are in place at our manufacturing unit in France to reduce a negative impact on the environment: 

  1. In the sterilization process, ethylene oxide is destroyed by catalytic oxidation. Vygon has invested heavily in this process, and it prevents toxic emissions being released into the atmosphere.
  2. Some plastic from manufacturing is re-used to make swab handles
  3. Vygon uses a closed water system in the manufacturing which ensures that water is reused.
  4. We have limited the use of solvents by replacing them with adhesives.
  5. Sterilization is centralized for all manufacturing units within the group, thereby reducing energy and emissions.
  6. Vygon has centralized storage for all members of the Group, reducing energy and significantly reducing product transportation.


Supply Chain 

The majority of the products used for veterinary market, are sourced within the Vygon Group. All of our veterinary-specific products come from the companies based in Europe. 

The Vygon Group buys raw materials and components from companies that have undergone rigorous quality examination. Potential suppliers are issued with a Quality Questionnaire and then subject a Quality Audit. Both relate to environmental questions and requirements aligned to ISO14001. 

For the products sourced outside of the Vygon Group, Vygon UK has created its own supplier questionnaire. It is based on the United Nations Global Compact principles which Vygon UK is following as guidance. Vygon UK has addressed 96% of all their suppliers on social issues and labour standards within their supply chain. It is our plan to target all of our smaller suppliers in the near future.