Waste Management 

Vygon (UK) Ltd is committed to reducing its impact on the environment by managing its waste in an efficient and sustainable manner. Our waste is not produced as a result of manufacturing, but the majority relates to product packaging and disposal of waste paper. Vygon always ensures that all waste is disposed of correctly, and without using methods which would harm the environment. 

It is our policy to reuse and recycle where possible, and we do recycle near 100% of all our waste. In 2012, we recycled a total amount of 45 tonnes of waste including plastic, paper, metal and wood. Every year, this data is declared to an external company who issue us with certificates. 

VYSET custom packs have recently been introduced to veterinary market after being one of the bestselling products for Vygon for years. Customised packs contain the essential components for a number of common procedures, and are a product of many environmental benefits. They reduce the amount of packaging that would be needed to pack every individual product, as well as reduce the amount of waste for hospitals and clinics. They also have additional sustainable benefits of saving time, and reducing the risk of infections. 



Product packaging is a major environmental issue. As a medical products supplier, Vygon (UK) Ltd need to find the right balance between reducing cardboard quantities and making sure our products are well protected. The inner product packaging is a subject to many regulations for medical and sterile products therefore cannot be easily changed to comply with environmental standards. We do however; maintain a constant review of product cartons, in order to achieve as small a range of sizes as possible and to ensure optimal compromise between product protection and volume of content. 

All outer Vygon box packaging, whether purchased at our manufacturing units or used in our central store in Swindon, is made of 100% recycled material.




Fleet Emissions 

The Vygon (UK) Ltd fleet of vehicles has been addressed as one of our Business Responsibility issues. Even though the number of vehicles increases every year, we were able to make significant reductions in CO2 emissions by converting to low-emission models. A total reduction of 10.7% has been made in CO2 emissions in 2011. 

All our employees are encouraged to lift-share into work where possible. We have saved 23.17 tonnes of CO2 by lift-sharing at our head office in 2011. 

Vygon (UK) Ltd also takes part in cycle2work scheme.